Steven Barragán

Software Engineer, linkedin, github.

I strive to find the best solutions. I love sharing my knowledge and learning from others. I try to contribute to open source whenever I can (like this gem). I make an effort to increase and maintain an excellent test coverage. I like to learn new things, new languages and new paradigms. Fast learner. vim lover. Rubik’s cube solver.

Stackcommerce, ~1.3 years

As a full stack engineer, I’m in charge of various parts of the systems, such as:

  • Designing and implementing the ability to charge shipping.
  • Refactoring payouts system, ensuring everyone gets paid what they’ve made.
  • Allowing vendors to import all shipment tracking information, notifying final users that their items have been shipped and notifying vendors on the number of units they still need to ship.
  • Adding the ability for each store owner to customize every link on their menu bar, such as where it goes, what kind of products they want to display there, and which hero image they want.
  • Improving site performance by adding “russian doll caching” strategy on most visited pages of the site and on the connection with third party services. Fixing n+1 queries.
  • Implementing a new third party email service, getting rid of all email related logic in the app and extracting it to a separate one (first attempt to go towards a microservices architecture).
  • Creating a more complex but flexible coupons system.
  • Technologies stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Crowdinteractive (Magma labs), ~1.5 years

  • I loved being a part of a software consultancy since every so often, I had the opportunity to work on something new, pick the technologies we wanted to use according to the application’s needs, plan the application’s architecture and develop it from the beginning.
  • I worked a lot on creating ecommerce apps with spree gem, and had the opportunity to write a couple of “spree extensions”, as well as contribute to the spree gem itself.
  • Technology stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Node.js, Go, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Intel, ~1 year

  • I worked on a Testing Framework in order to make QA’s live much easier and testing process much faster. The framework connected to proprietary services giving the ability to use ‘helpers’ functions on each test case, and getting full reports of the test they ran.

Toolstnet ~1.5 years

Introduction to the web development world, working with PHP, a couple of mvc frameworks (CodeIgniter, WordPress, CakePHP), JavaScript, jQuery, extreme programing, testing.

Universidad de Guadalajara

  • I studied Computer Science in Guadalajara, Jal. México.